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Creative Writing Examples

Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
Apply These Secret Techniques To Improve Creative Writing.
Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash
Photo by Alexis Brown on Unsplash
Creative writing, while all writing is creative to some extent, is something that elicits emotions in the reader and produces a sense of feeling in the reader’s head. It is written in such an artful manner that the reader can imagine what they are now reading.
What is creative writing?
Creative writing is not about telling; instead, it is about demonstrating.
Creative writing is defined as a piece of writing that is an original composition. Unlike other types of technical writing such as professional writing, journalistic writing, and so on, it is typically not intended to transmit only basic information but rather to go beyond those limitations.
Works that fall under this category of writing include any fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry writing, including drama, novels, short tales, epics, poems, and a variety of other genres of writing.
How to enhance creative writing skills?
As previously stated, creative writing is an art form that is particularly suited to people who are passionate about writing. For those who believe they have that burning desire, here are some suggestions for honing your abilities and turning creative writing into a lucrative career.
  1. Get a degree
Today, creative writing is such a promising profession that many courses are provided in schools, colleges, and universities to prepare students for it. You can even register yourself with a professional organization online to improve your professionalism.
2. Improve your reading abilities.
A man will give up half of his library to write one book. Samuel Johnson is credited with coining the phrase.
Try to read the work of well-known authors, not to mimic them, but rather to pick up techniques and learn how these authors have produced their writing in the first place.
3. Improve your observation skills.
Creative writing is born out of imagination, and you can only imagine successfully if you pay close attention to the world around you. As a result, always make an effort to pay close attention to everything and anything around you, ask yourself how you feel about it, and try to incorporate those sentiments into your work.
4. Work even when you’re not working.
It is only when your mind is relaxed that you can use your imagination effectively; write whenever your mind is peaceful and unoccupied.
Tips to improve creative writing?
The following are some pointers that may assist you in creating art pieces within the realm of creative writing:
  1. Never write anything down; instead, discuss it.
When you read this phrase, what is the first thing that springs to mind? What images come to mind? Mountains, gorgeous flowers, etc. It is all about imagination when it comes to creative writing. To stimulate your readers’ feelings and emotions, choose terms that will spark their imagination to avoid just telling them what to feel.
2. Be succinct while remaining direct.
Avoid using ambiguous language. Choose words that convey the meaning of what you want to communicate. For example, reading “the youngster was rushed to the hospital” gives significantly more sense than reading “the boy ran to the hospital.” Always remember to avoid using words that are difficult to understand or that are complicated to spell.
3. Keep the text as brief as possible and avoid repetition wherever possible.
Be succinct in your writing and avoid using different verbs, adverbs, or needless phrases to make your point.
4. Make use of the present tense.
When you write in the active tense instead of the passive, you will not only make your work more concise, but it will also sound stronger and give a more detailed image to your reader.
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