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By Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)

The Ultimate Guide To Herculist Plus Email Marketing


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Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
Herculist Plus Email Marketing

Herculist Plus Email Marketing | Part I
Herculist Plus Email Marketing | Part I
How To Use Herculist Plus To Make Money Online 
Learn how to use Herculist Plus Email Marketing. I will tell you everything step by step, how to make money online by using herculist email marketing.
Once Again, Thank you for joining Herculist plus!
Herculist is the 20+ years oldest website that helped lakhs of members to make money online through email marketing. It is a platform where you can send an email per day to more than 187825+ members.
One of the most important things that you will get here is real traffic from worldwide.
Herculist offers many other advertisements like banners, blurs, solo ads, prime ads, and lots of other packages, etc., to real buyers. 
As you joined Herculist through my downline list, I will teach you everything about Herculist Plus email marketing.
Herculist Plus has three plans
  • Free plan
  • Pro Plan
  • Gold Plan
Everybody joins Herculist as a free member, and we know that as a free plan, there should be limited options. As a free member, we can send a daily email to 1000 members.
When you upgrade it to a pro plan, you can send a Plain text email/web ad submitted to 187825+ members every alternate day.
And as a gold member, you can send Daily HTML or plain text email/web ads submitted to 187825+ members.
I joined Herculist a year ago, but nobody was there to teach me how to use herculist email marketing when I joined. I learned everything itself and made a decent amount of money daily, weekly and monthly basis. But I was easy in the beginning; I was also struggling.
There are lots of positive points when you join herculist.
  • It’s a free platform
  • You can also send emails to 1000 members daily basis.
  • You can also explore other offers.
  • You can use affiliate marketing.
  • You can sell your products.
  • You can promote your websites.
  • Lots of other things.
Once you upgrade, you have tons of other options to make money online.
As every platform has rules, so Herculist also sets up rules; please checkout.
As a free member, you will get a Regular mailer like that, shown in the screenshot. You can send that kind of email to daily 1000 members for free.
Free Plan
Free Plan
Once you upgrade to the Pro Plan, you will get regular mailer like
Pro Plan
Pro Plan
And as Gold Member, you will receive a regular mailer where you can html format, making your email awesome and attractive as a seller.
Gold Plan
Gold Plan
I have earned a total of 319.50 dollars till now through Herculsit Plus email marketing. It’s a herculist income and another income source like I use Gumroad to sell digital products.
Check out the Herculist Plus Total Earning.
Herculist Plus Earning
Herculist Plus Earning
I have also taken Gumroad screenshot to my income proof, it’s not like that I am showing those screenshots, but I feel that all those activities will motivate you to start work online and start making money online.
Gumroad Earning
Gumroad Earning
It is the first Herculist Plus series for email marketing. Next time, I will start a paid newsletter through Revue. Revue is Twitter’s Company where we can start a free newsletter to unlimited subscribers.
Methods to Make Money Online
Create an attractive email and send daily emails to 187825+, and the email list is growing day by day. You can choose any niche and multiple niches to start sending emails to members.
Promote herculist as affiliate members and earn 50% commission on each referral.
Herculist also runs Herculist Contest every month for those who are promoting Herculist Plus.
Check out the screenshot; I am ranking on number this month, last month, I got second place and earned 150$, and if ranked on one number through this month, I will be able to make 250$.
Herculist provides theZone Facility to promote your URL, you can also promote your product there, and it is possible to sell it through free promotion.
Check out the screenshot.
There are lots of other services that herculist provides.
Check out the screenshot.
As I am Herculist Plus Gold Member, I can send daily Emails to 187825+ members in HTML Format. I have developed 30,000 Autoresponder Email Swipes in top-selling niches. Suppose you don’t want to write your email swipes because writing emails in different niches is too time-consuming.
You can get those swipes through my Gumroad store. It will make your email marketing very smooth and easy. Get Autoresponder Email Swipes
Once you get email swipes, you need to write an attractive title for your email. I will tell you a popular website that can help you a lot; I also use it most of the time to generate titles of my emails, blog posts, etc. Title Generator.
Use this title generator by just writing your keywords, and it will write lots of titles automatically. Checkout screenshot.
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Title Generator
Join Herculist Plus and starts to make money online. Join Now
I am starting a paid newsletter where I will provide a premium level of information about make money online, if you are interested become a premium member and get premium information, ideas, techniques.
I will teach you the LDT formula of success that means to learn, do teach, by using that formula you can integrate your knowledge and skills, and of course, make money online.
If you have any queries related to herculist email marketing, you can ask your questions in a comment.
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