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October Journey 2021

Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
An Overview Of My Medium Journey Secrets
First of all, thank you for taking your time to read my medium journey and my articles. During October, I was doing some research & exploring other platforms because we all know that we need to expand our reach beyond our thoughts if we want great success.
Our actions should be beyond our thoughts. I will tell you about my October medium journey; how it was?
Followers Family
As always, I will start from my follower’s families. As you know, I have crossed the equilibrium level, and in October, I have crossed 1.3K+ followers.
You can check my screenshot for it.
Published Stories
Again I want to thank medium for allowing me to share my ideas and techniques to make money online on the internet.
I have published approx. 10+ stories during this month, and most of them performed in good ways.
Check it out.
Profile Stats
Let’s check the profiles stats; I have also taken some screenshots; it is not because I want to show it; it is for motivation purposes; we are all motivated by others who are doing good and keep doing it.
Profile Reads
Check out my articles reads, it went maximum up to 60 and sometimes less than it, but it is decent as a beginner and the medium level of writers.
Profile Fans
I include fan’s stats because I have observed that I am getting fans daily. It shows that people will start following you without requesting them when you work for people, so I will tell you to provide value in your content.
Also, I have followed some tricks and methods to achieve all those parameters. It is not easy for everyone because there is lots of competition globally, but we need to come out of it.
Check out the stats
Thank my audience that it is growing daily; right now, I have 1358 followers, and they have grown +192 from last month, which means I am getting approx. 200 followers in one month.
Again, I will all credit you that you guys like my content; my growth is awesome, continuously growing day by day.
During this month i have added lots of contents which will motivate and inspire you, Medium is great platform throughout the world, people should use it in a good way, And always keep in mind whatever you are earning donate few amounts of money in favor of poverty and help others.
Special Thanks
Here I want to give special thanks to all my followers and readers who continuously support me, and it is not possible to write everybody’s name. Still, I decided to write and tag those names who will clap and comment on articles and social media.
I want to all of them by tagging them my articles so that their profile will also grow.
Thanks all of you!
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October 2021, Last Article
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Chandra Vijay Singh (C V SINGH)
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